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Kitchen Marble Herringbone Backsplash: Product Selection

June 5, 2014

I wanted the kitchen backsplash to be a classic addition to the kitchen renovation, and so, subway tile immediately came to mind. I’ve seen subway tile done over and over again, and while it always looks great I wanted our kitchen to be different. Pinterest is such a great inspiration for, well, anything you could possibly dream up, so I looked there first for subway tile alternatives.

pinterest backsplash

That’s where I ran across this gorgeous herringbone mosaic tile from The Builder Depot. I liked the smaller format (1×2″) the The Builder Depot offered and the fact that it came in sheets meant it would be a quicker installation. They also offered two different types of marble, Carrara Venato and Bianco, so I was able to pick the one which would match my countertops exactly, AND they have the choice of polished or honed. As you know, our countertops are a honed finish and finding a backsplash in the same finish was difficult – most companies only stock polished marble.


The website has a little pop-up chat box where you can converse with a real person, which is really nice, and they were able to send me some additional links to close-up pictures of the tile and explain the difference in colors (the amount of grey vs. white, and the amount of veining) so I could pick the best match for my counters. I decided to go with the Bianco because our countertops have lots of grey veining and character. The Venato is more white with much less veining and would be a great match for kitchens with a white, or lighter marble countertops.


I also picked out a matching marble chair rail and pencil edging to trim out the backsplash and window ledge.

backsplash molding backsplash trim

Everything shipped quickly and arrived within a week of placing my order. So far the renovation has been sticking to my mood board pretty well. Check back for the 2nd post in the series for the backsplash installation.


This post was sponsored in part by The Builder Depot. All content is original to the author, A Home In College Hill. The opinions and details in this post are were not influenced by the sponsorship and are a true and accurate depiction/ portrayal of the author’s experience with the products discussed.

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  1. June 5, 2014 2:35 PM

    So excited to see the finished room!

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