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Bye Bye Mosquito Ladden Wilderness

June 5, 2014

Hi there. I’ve been away from the keyboard for the last several weeks, digging in the dirt and beating our wilderness yard into submission. I really need to post about the kitchen backsplash – which I will be putting up later today – but I wanted to share with all of you what will be happening tomorrow:

The tree is coming down!


What tree? Oh, just the 32 ft white oak in our front yard that is precariously leaning over the house, and blocks all of the light from the windows making our home a dark cave during the middle of the day. It also breeds a menacing den of mosquitos right outside the front door because the lack of sunlight makes everything damp and shady – just the way the little devils like it.


I am a tree fan – don’t get me wrong. I live in Ann ARBOR for one, and my neighborhood is called Ives WOODS. You know what though? I do not like having the lights on during the day because the house is so dark, nor do I enjoy all of the itchy mosquito bites that pepper my arms and legs. I also don’t like raking leaves into May because oak trees hold on to their leaves through the winter. Cleaning out the gutters 3 times a years stinks too.


Despite all of this – the hubs wanted the tree to stay. It wasn’t really an issue in the winter at all, but once it leafed out …well, you can see.



Lucky for me, the arborist said that it’s dying and needs to come down. It’s hollow/ rotten on the inside and could come down on it’s own.


The removal happens tomorrow – yippee! We should be able to plant grass and front garden beds with all of the light that will reach the yard once it’s gone.


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  1. June 5, 2014 12:19 PM

    Enjoy the new, treeless yard! Our neighbor had her giant oak tree cut down last year as it was dying too. Good thing too because her entire house and part of mine would have been demolished had to come down. We had our elm cut down last year too as it was really weak, slowly dying and had lost a few big limbs in an ice storm. I hope having it taken out of your yard helps with the mosquitos!

    • June 5, 2014 2:03 PM

      Thank you! I think it will make a BIG difference. Our yard has quite a few mature oaks, so we will still be left with some tree cover, which is nice because the yard will not look stark. I’m glad to hear people support the idea, I’m afraid our neighbors are going to look at us sideways!

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