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Selecting the Kitchen Hardware: Crystal and Brass

April 22, 2014

At this point, I’m pretty sure you all know that I like fancy gold shiny things.

So, it should be no surprise that my love of crystal chandeliers and doorknobs directed my purchases in the kitchen renovation. I had been thinking about adding this detail since I put the kitchen mood board together. The problem is, hardware and lighting made of crystal and brass is expensive!!

I like to have the nicest things I can afford while spending the least amount of money, don’t you? 🙂 Every dollar I save is a dollar I can spend on something else!

There was no luck searching for kitchen hardware on Craigslist where I find a lot of my deals. So I headed to the internet for online stores. Typing “crystal cabinet knobs and pulls” into the Google search bar results in A LOT of hits. Most of the links took me to websites with outrageous prices, and the rest were links to websites with imposter crystal – glass or plastic knobs.

I finally stumbled on PullsDirect.Com (No they are not paying me, but I should have asked them to!), where I found this beauty:


Now, I actually ordered a few different knobs from PullsDirect to get an idea of what they looked like in person because you never know what you are going to get when you are dealing with the internet. I played around with one of the cabinet doors and the different knobs to see how they would look installed.

These knobs, by Emtek were by far the highest quality, with cut crystal facets, and extreme clarity. They also had a nice weight to them, good reviews, and were 15% off. It pays to look around, because I’m pretty sure they are they exact same knobs that I found on House Of Antique Hardware for $4 more per knob!


I decided that I didn’t want to use knobs for all of the cabinet drawers/ doors, so I looked around on the website and found this beautiful solid antique brass pull by Top Knobs:


I wasn’t completely set on a bar pull, because I also like the look of traditional cup pulls. Emtek also makes a gorgeous solid brass cup pull:


After ordering all of the samples, I decided to go with the Top Knobs bar pull and the Emtek crystal knobs. Everything shipped right away and arrived well packed. Now that they are installed the really set of the Shenandoah Cherry Bordeaux Cabinets:


IMG_2202 IMG_2201






Uh oh, I think you may have seen a sneak peek of the kitchen backsplash above. It’s the reason I haven’t posted in a few weeks – I was busy installing all of that marble tile! 

I will be posting about the installation soon. I’m excited to share it with everyone.

Happy Spring!


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