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Kitchen Cabinet: Installation

February 28, 2014

The cabinet installation is finished and this step has really set the stage for how the completed kitchen will look. It is such a drastic change from the old maple cabinetry that was here before we started the remodel. Which my beloved blog readers, is a very, very good thing.

Do you remember when I put the mood board together for the kitchen? I couldn’t explain the decision to go with dark wood cabinets any better if I tried say it again:

We knew that dark cabinets were the way to go for us – we live in a 1930s Tudor revival that has dark woodwork throughout the house. We want the kitchen to feel like it’s part of the home, not like it dropped out of the sky. Shenandoah has the right style, door color and price for our project, and so, we went with the McKinley door in Cherry Bordeaux. We are going to have solid cherry cabinets in the kitchen! Can you tell I am excited?

Once the cabinets were delivered in December, I wrote a post detailing the whole process of selection and layout. That post can be found here.











So……clearly we still have a lot of work to do. You know what though, we’re just taking it in stride…being able to cook food and not have everything draped in plastic is a huge improvement in and of itself.

I also just realized I never shared the details on selecting the cabinet hardware, which by the way, might be my most favorite part of the whole kitchen. I’m making a note to write a future post on just that. 🙂


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