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Refinishing the floors: Before & After

February 7, 2014

When we bought this house we knew it needed a lot of work. I mean a whole lot of work. The basement was 1/2 crawl space with musty earth open to the rest of the house which was letting creepy crawly things, moisture, mold and mice in. All of the original light fixtures had been removed, and the house had been thoroughly remuddled by the last owners. The bathrooms were outdated and the kitchen was a wreck (filthy doesn’t even begin to describe it). On top of all of that, the hardwood floors were scratched and stained.  We loved the house even with all of it’s flaws.

We decided to take care of two things before we moved in:

  • the dank, dark, creepy crawl space (a topic for another post)
  • refinishing the hardwood floors

The floors were in such bad shape, we knew they should be done right away, and having it taken care of before we moved in only made sense. Once all of the boxes, rugs and furniture were inside, we were never going to get it done. We were able to have the work done while we were out of the country – which is also in a story in and of itself….for another post.

I looovveee dark floors. I wanted the floors really really really dark. Almost black. I realized after talking to the floor guy (because you know we had enough DIY projects of our own to do) that since our floors are oak, we would never achieve the uniformly dark colors that walnut or cherry provide, the grain just doesn’t take stain the same way. I know this – but I thought there still might have been a chance.

The hubs and I narrowed our choices down to these colors:

IMG_0756 - Copy (2)

Stain colors from left to right: Jacobean, Antique Brown, Red Mahogany

We decided on Antique Brown after an Instagram poll with my reliable blogger buddies. Antique brown is a deep warm brown without too much red.

Feast your eyes on the before and afters (before is after the floors were sanded). This is also the first time you are able to see most of the house – enjoy!

beforeIMG_0708 - Copy (2)




IMG_0707 - Copy






beforeIMG_0721 - Copy (2) IMG_0723 - Copy (2)


IMG_1040 IMG_1041

beforeIMG_0742 - Copy (2)



I think the color turned out really well, and it’s a spot on match to the baseboard color. We had the floor guy do the top coat in a satin, but after living in the house for a few months, the floors were really just lacking luster, and if I had just walked into the house, I wouldn’t have known that the floors had recently be redone.

Sooooo….I picked up some of this in the grocery store the other day.

floor polish

I washed the floors, and wiped it on with a damp mop. 30 minutes later the floor was dry, reflective, evenly glossy and gorgeous. The shine lasts through foot traffic and washings. It was an instant transformation, and you can add as many coats as you want to increase the level of shine. One coat was just fine for me. I wish I was being paid to post this – I am not. If someone wants to pay me – please do 🙂 . I’ve only used about 1/2 of the bottle too. This stuff is great! Here is a picture where you can see the difference between polish and no polish. I stop right at the edge of the rug. What do you think?

floor polish after

Cheers, and happy Friday.

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  1. February 10, 2014 11:52 AM

    The colour is beautiful! I was leaning towards the red mahogany colour, but I definitely think you made the right decision. So jealous of your floors. Mine are still hiding under carpet.

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