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February 5, 2013

It’s Tuesday. Throwback Tuesday I’ve decided. Time for a look a previous post.

A Home In College Hill

Whenever you see a kitchen in a magazine the counters and window sills are free of clutter. Appliances are put away and there are no cleaning utilities in site.

Let’s be real, no one lives like that. I need the soap where I can use it. Sure I could put it under the cabinet, but then every time I need it, I have to open the cabinet with dirty hands. Gross. Sticky cabinet pulls and fridge handles are a total pet peeve of mine. How yucky is it to open the fridge and sweep your fingers over some sticky goo or crusty something?  Blahhahhh.

Our soap has lived on the window sill (not so pretty) because there isn’t any room on the counter behind the sink. Now that I’m looking at the picture, doesn’t the faucet look lonely there all by its self? No spray thing-a-ma-gig or soap dispenser built into the…

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