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Tricked Not Treated – An Early Devil’s Night

October 31, 2012


Really, the theft of a couple of pumpkins is trivial – but – they (two traditional orange beauties) had been sitting out on the flagstone steps perking up the house since October 1st. That gave the mischievous thieves TWENTY EIGHT, that’s right 28 days to steal and smash them, or do whatever you do with stolen pumpkins. It wasn’t even Devil’s Night or Mischief Night as others call it.

No….that would be toooooooooo easy. I, the homeowner, would just replace them and that’s no fun – right? What’s more malicious way to put the “trick” in Halloween? Steal them the night I had friends over and spent hours carving them into jack-o-lanterns, sometime between 10PM and 8AM, two days before Halloween, and before I had a chance to light them up outside once – just once!

My gabby girl pumpkin carving party was a blast – lots of girl talk, pumpkin scooping, seed sorting, lasagna eating and cookie munching went on. We topped it off with photos with our new creations in front of the spooky fireplace. Don’t we look proud? We even put in candles to get the porch light effect. My guests carried their pumpkins to their cars and the safety of their porches. I set mine outside and went to sleep. Sometime after lights out someone with two very strong arms (carrying two pumpkins at once would be heavy), a car, or a good friend, walked by and liked what they saw and helped themselves.

What happened to them? I’m not sure. Smashed in a distant parking lot? Maybe they are lighting up someone elses porch. Either way – we are pumpkin-less this Halloween.

Oh well….hopefully the ghouls and goblins that come by tonight are satisfied with their treats! I’m not in the mood for any more tricks.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. October 31, 2012 1:18 PM

    How frustrating! At least you had a good time carving, though…

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