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Home Office: Pinterest Inspiration Take 2

June 21, 2012

I mentioned last week that I ended up changing everything in my home office decoration plan except for the wall treatment. When projects take this long to finish, something is bound to be altered. I’m not done with the room yet, but I’ve made some serious progress. Here are the changes and updates after searching Pinterest for inspiration.

I loved the look of a large dark desk in these photos:

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Rachel on Pinterest




A few weeks ago I went to an antique fair and found this GORGEOUS mahogany library table with urn shapped legs and two large drawers.

Then I decided that the antique wooden office swivel chair I was using was not only uncomfortable, it was squeaky. I stopped off at Home Goods and picked up a colorful upholstered chair for a steal.The office was cleared out and I brought in the new chair and desk. I know I still had not finished the wall treatment at this point. It was laborious! I think it’s spot on for the inspiration photo I used though.


Source: via Rachel on Pinterest


Then I was looking at inspiration for wall decor. I got rid of the IKEA shelves because they took up too much space in the room and I didn’t use all the cubbies.

Looking around on pinterest, this photo caught my eye:

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest



After looking at this, I realized that I could recreate it with my own photo art. I’ve been posting garden and flower pictures all season long.

  • I edited them in a photo program to cut our the background
  • Blew then up in scale on a photo ordering website
  • Bought matted gallery frames at 40%

Resulting in this. A view of my garden from the office:

All of these pieces come together:

The next steps are to add a rug and change out the light fixture:

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  1. July 9, 2012 8:41 AM

    I am really liking your gallery wall of photos. Just great!

  2. June 21, 2012 6:04 PM

    Lookin’ good! I really like your new office chair.


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