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How to Hide Pesky Electrical Wires When Decorating

June 13, 2012

I’m really pleased with the sofa table and lamps I bought for a steal at a home decor store. Like most old houses the only sconces in the living room are on the fireplace, so at night the room gets really dark. There isn’t even a ceiling light.

The sofa table and lamps have been a great solution. They provide warm low light in the evening and they would look stylish almost all the time if not for the ugly and messy looking lamps wires. Ughhh, not exactly a designer look.

I tried using painters tape to stick the wires to the back of the table legs, hoping it wouldn’t leave a residue on the wood. Well in the tape world, no residue means no adhesion. The tape would peel back every few days and look like crap and I could still see the wires.

I started looking on Pinterest to see if I could figure out how the designers hide lamps wires. This is what I found:

Source: via Chad on Pinterest

Source: via Ꭿ.ʊ.Ꮄ.ℛ.Ꮛ.Ꭹ on Pinterest

Source: via Glenda on Pinterest

Source: via Kym on Pinterest



I think you get the idea. There are no wires in any of these photos! Huh? Is there some super secret way the designers are hiding the lamp wires, are the lamps battery-powered (don’t think so), or were the wires Photoshoped out?

Well, I have bad news. I don’t know the secret, it would be a total waste of batteries if I could figure out how to convert the power source, and I can’t Photo Shop real life.
Instead, I came up with another solution:

          • Surround sound wire clips
          •  Hammer

Have you ever used these to tuck surround sound wires along a baseboard? They are perfect for hiding ugly lamp wires. You have to be willing to make tiny nail holes in your piece of furniture. The way I look at it, one side of this table will always face a wall even if I re-purpose it, and it’s not a valuable antique – so I didn’t really mind making a few small holes.

Table before clips are added

Table leg with clips added

Table leg with wire fed through clips

Five minutes later and the lamp wires are out of sight for good.

Have you used this or another method?

4 Comments leave one →
  1. June 14, 2012 10:51 AM

    That is a great idea! I hate cords… 🙂

  2. June 13, 2012 5:46 PM

    Great solution!

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