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Happy V-Day My Way

February 14, 2012

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s day. I over-think and over-plan just about everything in my life, and holidays are no exception. My desire to make things perfect usually results in a let-down when everything is said and done. So on days like today, it is very hard for me to let go of control and let things happen, because the result may not meet my expectations. Well, I need to get over myself and realize how good I have it. After putting my office together the other week, and staging the bookshelf with frames and baskets, something appeared on a shelf one morning: the mini LOVE sculpture my hubby brought back from one of his business trips. He found it somewhere, (I had misplaced it!) and seeing it reminded me of how thoughtful he can be. V-Day will be a great day, not because it is perfectly planned, or because of flowers(but you know I’m a push over for flowers) and candy, but because I get to spend it with him.

Since IT IS that pink sappy holiday today, I thought I would share a funny story with you about my husband. We are infinitely different, and yet, have so much in common. An example of our differences showed itself yesterday when we were unloading the groceries.

I was neatly stacking cans in the pantry, and folding up the grocery bags. My hubby was loading the veggies into the fridge. I picked a carton of OJ out of one of the bags and turned to the fridge to put it away. To my visual and organizational dismay, Geoff had put a different vegetable on each shelf. Tomatoes (yes, yes, I know they are a fruit) next to the egg carton, radishes by the bread, asparagus near the sour cream, and…. Oh, what’s that? He actually put lettuce in the veggie bin. How he lives with that kind of randomness in his life is beyond me. I am all about order, and quickly tucked all the vegetables into the proper bin at the bottom of the fridge.

The randomness Geoff brings to my life is sometimes a headache, but other times very much-needed. How tightly wound would I be married to some one just like me? It’s a scary thought. He reminds me that nothing is perfect; everything is fallible. Things may not always go as I plan, and I might run out of time to get it all done. BIG DEAL. It’s OK to go to bed with the dishes in the sink, to not always make the bed, and yesterday, to introduce our produce to a new neighbor.

OK, ENOUGH SAPPY TALK. I’m beginning to feel ill.

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  1. February 14, 2012 2:48 PM

    We’re doing nothing today! We’re not even hanging out because Mike has curling tonight. Cards are such an expensive waste of money, and chocolates are not good for my waistline, ha. Also, flowers die.

    I don’t hate the day by any means…it’s just another day for us (as it seems to be for you guys, too!).

  2. February 14, 2012 2:33 PM

    Haha my hubby is much less organized than me as well. I sometimes feel like I can’t relax unless the bed is made, the floors are clean, the laundry is folded etc etc… once everything is put in its place, I can relax. But he’s more of a relax now, do (it) later kind of guy. Drives me nuts sometimes, but it’s good that we balance each other out.

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