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Home Office Progress: Pinterest Inspiration, IKEA and a Pottery Barn class

February 6, 2012

Whenever Geoff is out of town I get so much done! He’s really quite distracting ūüôā

The office is really shaping up in its new and final spot. Its been in the basement, dining room, and guest room. Now it has its own space in the spare bedroom and it getting a lot of use!

I was inspired to take action while browsing Pinterest (follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the logo in the side bar). This hand painted wall paper jumped out at me as a project with a lot of impact that doesn’t cost anything at all – except copious amounts of time….more on that in a bit.

Pinterest Inspiration:

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

My office walls are already the taupe/ brown color and who doesn’t have a can of white paint lying around? If you visit the website, the blogger has a step-by-step guide on how to duplicate this pattern in your home, including a printable wall template. She painted this design on all four walls of her office. Which after almost finishing one wall seems ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. I have probably spent 10 hours working on one wall, and I still have about 25% left to go, if I don’t develop arthritis from painting¬†all the tiny lines over, and over, and over again. If I did it again, I would make a stencil and use a paint roller. SO, if you are thinking about taking this project on, think hard, and then maybe improve it by making a stencil and sharing it with everyone.

I was also inspired by this pin:

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

This office¬†very organized, but is not boring. Before, when I’ve set up my home office it¬†just ended up¬†being¬†utilitarian. It was filled¬†with everything I needed to work, but not really a space I wanted to work in. Maybe it was a great space to¬†fall asleep at my desk in, or stack piles of paper in, but not to¬†work in. I needed an infusion of¬†style ! Haha.¬† I was tipped¬†off by a co-worker that the shelf in the photo above is sold¬†at IKEA. Lucky for me, there is an IKEA 20 minutes away that I have never been too.¬† I know, I know! EVERYONE has been there. I¬†never went¬†because I like antiques and solid-wood well made furniture. IKEA had gotten a bad name for cheaply made¬†inexpensive furniture around my parts and so it didn’t seem very appealing. After scouring Craigslist for antique bookshelves, what it came down to is this: 100 years ago they didn’t make shelving for the type of office equipment filing systems we use today. I needed to buy modern furniture that had a modern purpose: organizing my -ish in a pretty way.

Expedit Shelf from IKEA

I decided to take last weekend off from painting and went shopping!!! I should have taken someone with me. IKEA is so overwhelming. I have never shopped that way…..I mean it took 1.5 hours just to walk the winding path through the store to get to the shelf I wanted. There’s a cafeteria in there! I surprised there were not beds for napping. Also, there were at least a thousand people wandering aimlessly around. I don’t think they were there to buy anything either which was the most annoying part.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of great furniture and storage solutions for small spaces – which, let’s face it, is the definition of my house. I picked up two shelves, and a few other items.


Sunday morning I joined my friend at Pottery Barn for a class on ‘Accessorizing Your Home’.¬† Did you know they had classes? I didn’t. You get a reusable 10% coupon in addition to any discounts items already have. I picked up¬†three woven baskets to use in¬†my new shelf, and some good tips for staging coffee tables.

Click below for the next post on putting it all together to create my new office:

Home Office: Putting It All Together

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