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Burlaping the Bushes

January 25, 2012

As you have seen from my insulation posts it is finally cold in MI! Surprisingly, I have missed the snow…..which is shocking because this time last year I was ranting (see below) about the city of Ann Arbor plowing the bottom of my driveway with snow and ice from the road as soon as I had finished shoveling it out. I also had a few ‘professional snow remover’ guys stop to tell me to bend my knees while shoveling. I know that I should bend my knees in order to protect my back, but it is the equivalent to doing a squat with your arms extended while holding 50lb weights – quite a work out.



Thank you Ann Arbor. I forgive you for waiting to plow my street until 3 days after it snowed 10 inches ( happened 3 times in February alone) and then when you plow, you plow it into the bottom of my driveway where it turns in to frozen icy concrete which can only be removed by 3 hours of shoveling.  I still do not forgive you for my horrendous property taxes and jaw dropping heating bill. – CSA post

Can you tell I was stressed out last year around this time….ha!

Anyway, the little boxwoods I planted a few summers back suffered from the harsh winter last year. I am training them into a low hedge along either side of the front walkway. When a boxwood is damaged the leaves fall off and die and it stunts the growth on that side of the plant. They should be protected from strong winds and heavy snow and burlap does just that.

I don’t think I mentioned this before, but I tend to PROCRASTINATE. It’s not my fault, really, I inherited it from my parents 🙂 I am very good at starting 8 projects in a staggered fashion getting each 80% done and then taking a ridiculously long time to finish them all – long as in  a few months to a few years – yikes. (Geoff I promise to mend those pants you asked me to fix in 2007…someday… promise!)

So, the first week of December (or maybe it was before Thanksgiving…oopps) I purchased wooden stakes and pounded them into the not yet frozen soil along the front walkway. I spaced them 2-3 feet apart. I bought them at HD of course ( am I the only one who using an acronym for Home Depot because I shop there so often I know the cashiers??) and they were fairly inexpensive $10-20 bucks.

Then, I did nothing for 8 weeks. During this time, a guest of our holiday cocktail party almost impaled himself on one of the stakes when he slipped on some ice while walking up the path – Ian ,I’m glad you didn’t die, that really would have put a damper on the party.

I tried to go and purchase the burlap at HD and Ace, but they were both out.  It probably sold out in November when most people put up burlap. When I saw the forecast for snow a few weeks ago I knew I had to jump into action, and just my luck, burlap was on sale  at JoAnn’s. Chi-Ching! $25 bought me enough to cover both sides of the walkway.

The staple gun we used for the attic insulation was the only other tool I needed and in about 15 minutes the bushes we wrapped up and protected, just in time for the first heavy snow.

Now, I only have 9 more projects to finish. I guess my estimate of 8 was a little low. I don’t have to shovel the snow anymore though! We hired that out this year. Geoff’s back is already ruined and I can’t handle the snow myself.

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  1. January 25, 2012 7:44 PM

    Hooray for burlap! We have this task in our future, as we plan to plant boxwoods along the front used by the road. We’ll see!

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