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Basement: B-Dry Waterproofing Complete

November 9, 2011

In preparation for B-Dry I had to take down the storage room in the corner of the basement. I think it was either a wine room, or a canning room. It at one point was full of shelves and empty beer bottles. The PO was a home brewer and it seemed natural to keep his brew in this area. This is also the moldy leaking corner of the basement so we didn’t keep anything in there. I have nightmares of spores dancing through the air and attaching to anything in this space. We kept the door shut at all times. Before I began demo I took the precaution of wetting down the moldy walls with a specialized mold killer.  The discoloration is there but the mold has been killed.

At some point someone added drywall and an awful layer of brown paneling to the storage room walls. An improvement? I think not. It did extend the demo though by adding two more layers of yuck that needed to be peeled back and discarded.

Geoff seriously injured his back a few days prior to this task and I, because we scheduled B-Dry last minute, had a trip to New York planned and didn’t arrive home until the evening before the work was scheduled to begin Monday. I woke up around 6AM to begin taking down the walls. What a wonderful way to get out aggression towards the exorbitant cost of renovation!

 B-Dry showed up Monday at 9AM and promptly got to work. They took the time the drape all of our belongings in plastic and to putt up drop clothes to separate parts of the basement from the work area.

I worked from home on Monday so I experienced the full volume of the jack hammer on and off for 6 hours. It made the whole house rattle! While the workers were taking a lunch break I tip toed down the basement stairs to take a peek:

clay weeping tile original to the house

The footings can be seen in this photo – sticking out 4 inches from the walls.

Leaky corner no more!

back corner behind the furnace

The carried all of the broken concrete out of the basement by hand in small blue buckets and dumped the rubble into their dump truck. The pipe they laid was stiff white PVC with slates every 5″ or so. The PVC pipe was connected at either end of the B-Dry system into the original clay weeping tiles. That way, any water still draining to the clay weeping tile on the one remaining side of the basement we did not waterproof, will drain into the B-Dry system and out through the sump pump. There are two clean out access points where the clay tiles and the B-Dry system connect where the system can be scoped if there is an issue. Although, the system is guaranteed and there should not be any issues.

The PVC was covered by rock and then gravel. A perforated black membrane was laid against the wall and over the pipe. Holes were drilled into the block touching the footings all along the basement wall. Flexible white plastic was attached to the block to cover these holes. The holes will allow any water coming through the block to drain into the system and out through the sump pump.

clean out

2nd clean out

B-Dry finished up Tuesday morning by pouring the new floor. This seals the while flexible plastic cover into place and completes the waterproofing. The cement should take 30-60 days to completely cure.

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  1. November 10, 2011 12:49 AM

    Hey Reuben, thanks for commenting! I'm not sure. They did test the system by running a cup of water into each clean out to make sure it drained to the sump pump properly. We did have alot of rain the last few days so it could have been that also. Either way, I'm glad the basement is dry! Check out my other basement blogs by searching "basement" in the right hand margin.

  2. November 9, 2011 8:55 PM

    Neat! cool project. In the photos of the new pipe in place, it looks like there is already water in it. Was that water from the construction process somehow, or was it already starting to collect water as soon as it was placed? Just curious!


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