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Basement: Storm Water Diversion Day 3

July 15, 2011
The yard this morning before I left for work

 Perimeter did a fantastic job today. The yard still looked beat-up this morning when I left, but was almost completely restored when I returned. A delivery of compost/topsoil should be coming by the end of the week to fill in the rest of the hole. The lean will be seeded since it is a very shady area and the sod we put their last year isn’t doing so well. The sod we used for the lawn and will be using for this project is Kentucky Blue Grass. This type of grass does not do well in heavy shade. Perimeter will be providing the dense shade seed for this area.  The returned the fence to it’s original position, you wouldn’t even know it had been moved.

Today when I got home 🙂 Almost done.

  I spent some time raking up the grass to shake out the compacted dirt from all of the activity the last few days. I watered it to rinse away what dirt was left. It is really looking very good.

Perimeter truck

We will sod this area with Kentucky blue grass when they are done

where the sump pump line leaves the house and goes into the underground trench on the way to the pit where the excess water is deposited

The trench in the basement was filled in with gravel and then cement today.

The sump bump received it’s own dedicated outlet. Still waiting on the battery.

The manhole is gone! In it’s place is a small drain and the sewer clean out.

outlet dedicated to the sump pump

new line run from the opposite corner of the basement to the pump

We had 220sqft of sod delivered to cover the large patch in the yard. Perimiter offered to seed, but we had good luck with sod last year so we decided to go with sod again. The total cost was ~ $100 delivered. It took about 30 minutes to lay down.
The sod was really good quality. It looked freshly cut and was a dark emerald green. Much prettier than our yard!
We’ve mowed it twice and it has almost blended in with the rest of the yard. We probably will have to seed around the edges for a more seamless appearance.

Watering sod can be tricky. You have to make sure the dirt under the sod stays wet so that the sod will send down new roots. This is the 3rd time we’ve laid sod, so we’ve got it down!
15 minutes every 4 hours for 1 week
20 minutes every 8 hours for 1 week
30 minutes every 12 hours for 1 week
1 hour ever day for 3-5 days (depending on temperature)
1 hour every other day for 1 week
1 hour every 2 days for 1 week
1 hour once/week (depending on temperature)
We don’t have a traditional sprinkler system. If we did, the watering times at the end of the this plan would be shorter. We use 2 head to water the front lawn and 2 heads to water the backyard. If we had a professional underground sprinkler (cross my fingers for one next summer!) then there would be 3-4 heads for the front and 3-4 heads for the back. Since there would be more heads, the watering time would decrease.
Our water bill is a little outrageous. Not because of the sod, but because of Ann Arbor. I am learning that the price of everything in Ann Arbor is a little outrageous……hmm….
Anyway….we did have Perimeter seed the lean, because it is a very shaded area and it is hard to get any grass to grow there. The used shade seed and it has sprouted and is growing really well.
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