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House Archive – A Look Back In Time

May 15, 2011
I found this photo on the city website. A exciting glance at what the house looked like 10-20 years ago.
Picture from

Initially it doesn’t look that different. Once you compare it to a photo of what’s been done since we’ve moved in it’s pretty apparent what has been changed. There isn’t a flag stone porch or path in the picture and there are large yew bushes under the windows. When we moved in the front garden had a white star magnolia, pachysandra and 3 dozens hostas. There was also a reallllllyyy ugly crab apple tree in the front yard. This is missing from this picture so it must have been planted afterwards. The crab apple was 15ft high when we took it down so I think at least 10 years have elapsed since the photo. The juniper under the lamp post is there, but no garden beds flanking the walk way – we put those in. There was also a 50 ft conifer on the left side of the yard that was removed by previous owners.

A much cherier house now!


I removed all of the hosta two weeks ago – what a task!

I had  a short window to this so it had to all be done in one weekend. I wanted to move them before they leaves emerged, but after the the little nubs (emerging leaves) poked through the ground so I knew where they were. Hosta’s die back to the ground during the winter and once the foliage is removed you can’t tell where they were. To dig them all out I had to get the root ball out of the ground. Each one weighed at least 20 pounds. I spit the giant ones (I’ve attached a you tube video showing how) and left the little ones alone.

Then I had to dig a new whole for each one. Did I mention the soil in my yard is made of clay? I had to jump on the shovel 2-3 times just to get it to go into the ground. I moved them to a shaded spot along the property line and along the drive way. The foliage came out the last two weeks and they are doing well.  Like any new planting it has to be watered well for the first few days. It was really an undertaking though, if you are going to try it, I suggest having a partner to help with all of the digging.

Our driveway looks terrible in this photo….we need to have the asphalt resealed and fixed at the edges.

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