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Garden Updates

May 15, 2011
 From This…To This!

 In about 4 weeks the magnolias budded and bloomed. We have two, a white star magnolia and a pink Jane Magnolia. I didn’t have time to write in between so here is your instant gratification – from bud to flower in one post!

The orange cone is from Perimeter….they still haven’t contacted us! See my posts about the basement for details.

The tulips also bloomed. I have two varieties, but I can’t remember what they are! How about pink and red

The peonies have exploded. They are the herbaceous variety, even though they are so large they look like tree peonies. Herbaceous peonies die all the way back tot he ground every year, and come up through the soil with red green tips in the spring. 6 weeks ago there was nothing in this spot. Right now I have garden cages/metal hoops helping to support the weight of the heavy stems. The plant is 4 feet tall and growing!  I expect bloom in the next two weeks:
There is another peony between the deck and the garage, that is almost growing in shade. I was going to move it to a sunny spot, but ran out of time and now I’ll have to wait until the fall. You really shouldn’t move them once they are more than a few inches out of the ground. I had a surprise last weekend when I found trillium and jack-in-the-pulpit growing side -by-side these peonies, with a couple of ferns. What an odd garden bed.

 You will almost find ants on peonies. They are attracted to the nectar inside of the bud. They eat aphids and other less desirable bugs so you should ordinarily leave the ants alone. They aren’t always the tiny ants either, we have slab ants (not pictured below) on the giant peony. They are the same ants that invaded our second floor bedroom – for whatever reason that’s “the spot” if you are an ant. In this case, I would like to get rid of the colony living by the peony/fireplace. They are using the fireplace as a ladder to get in to the house. I wish they would just stay outside!

These are the iris bulbs from Old House Gardens. The Iris’s were put in the last week of April. Right next to them are two bare root roses and a knock-out rose I picked up from Home Depot. I can’t find any nurseries in the area selling anything but knockout roses…where have all the rose people gone?
The cherry tree in the back yard  bloomed with white flowers, and so did another tree with pink buds. I don’t know what type of tree it is though.


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