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Spring Flowers and Gardening Plans

April 22, 2011
I want my yard to look like this:

woodland garden
Haha, but that probably won’t happen. If you read the blog title it did say my eyes were bigger than my wallet. Especially considering that all I’m starting with is dense clay soil, mulch, and some large shade trees. There will be a lot of soil amending this Spring.
I will give a go at some azaleas and rhodedendrums this spring. I already put in some heirloom iris’, and I have dahlias and day lillie’s coming next week from Old House Gardens. I mentioned them in this prior post. The squrriels dug up all of my previously planted iris’s, so I ordered some more from them. I was really pleased with the iris’s when I picked them up. This is what will arrive next week, of course it will just be bulbs with a little bit of green:
I plan to move and split some very large hostas that were growing in the front garden and fill in with some shrubs that will complement the houses architecture all year long. I will move the hostas the the side of the drive way to fill in a strip of garden that doesn’t get much light or love.
The sod came back very nicley and is greening up. Geoff will have to mow for the first time this weekend. So far I have some great looking buds on both of the magnolias!! The magnolia is my favorite tree and I am very exited to now have two! The tulips are just about to bloom, maybe one more week? Some of the neighbors tulips have bloomed, but I don’t get as much light in my yard so mine are a few weeks behind. All of the crocus’ are up and so are the daffodils. The pink peonies are 8-12 inches out of the ground now, they were really beautiful last year when we were in the process of buying the house in late May to early June. I will be pruning the boxwood’s along the walk way into shape so they slowly begin to form a hedge. We added a few arborvitaes to the property line last year to make a living wall in between the neighbors yard and our own. There are a few ore spots along the fence to stick in a few this year.
Let me see…I also plan to add a few more hydrangeas and small rose garden, I will have a raised vegetable and herb garden in the built in beds around the deck. I will fill the rest in with flowering annuals and perennials. Maybe some flowering vines for the trellis?
We also have quite a bit of slate stacked behind the garage. This was in the backyard in a small patio at the bottom of the deck. We plan to re-lay this in between the deck and the garage to make a patio for the grill. Eventually we would like to put a door in the kitchen to the slate patio. I think this will provide much better flow instead of having to walk through the dining room.
I picked up a few extra hostas and some Hollytone at Fraleighs Nursery a few weeks ago (Stacey was a real delight to talk to!) Apparently almost everything in the garden likes Hollytone fertilizer twice a year, and it’s organic so it’s alot better other types of fertilizer for the soil and for the storm drain if there is any run off. I popped the hostas in the ground by the driveway where I plan to move the others.
There is alot to do to keep me busy!

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