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Window Restoration Continued…

April 13, 2011

So I found a great window restoration company here in the Detroit are called Turner Restoration. They are able to fix the bent windows, weld, strip, finish etc…He actually told me how to remove the whole window and not just the sash.

Once all of the glazing is removed from the outside, including around the brick molding, the steel frame will be exposed and apparently you will be able to see where the steel frame is screwed into the masory. Once these screws are removed the whole window pops out! Jim Turner says he removes the whole window, strips both sides, reglazes and repaints with oil paint. He then strips the brick molding and treats with with turpentine, linseed oil and paraffin before painting with an oil based paint.

He also gave me the name a of company who makes replacement parts
He uses this company for all of the replacement parts for steel and wood windows.

He also makes magnetic storms that fit the inside of the window. They can be made in panels so that you are leave them in all year and still have access to the sash.

So glad this guy is around. Apparently he did most of the tudors in my neighborhood with these types of windows.

He sent me the estimate tonight. It was right where I thought it would be. The price is comparable to replacement – but better. It’s better because you are reusing your current windows, so it’s better for the environment, you are restoring the original windows so it preserves you homes history, and if you stay in the home they will pay for themselves because they will last another 100 years!

I don’t think that we will be living here for more than 5 years – once we start a family we will outgrow this place quickly. So I think that we will try to restore the windows ourselves and look into affording his custom storms. I think the storms will cut down on the heating bill more than if we just restore the windows.
The storms were more expensive than I thought so it will take some saving up.

 We may also look into some other options:

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