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Re-Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

April 13, 2011

Soooo….My kitchen remodel continues with the painting of the cabinets. They were poorly painted a stark white by a previous owner. Paint drips, stippling from the roller, just really sloppy work.

I sanded down the top layer of paint on each cabinet door and put on two coats of high gloss Fresh Air paint in True North. This paint is not supposed to have any VOCs, so no stinky smell. I did notice that there was a lot let smell.

I put two coats of paint on the base cabinets. I also painted the soffits the same color as the cabinets so they don’t stick out. I put up crown molding between the soffit and the ceiling and molding between the cabinet and the soffit.

The paint took forever to dry! Sunday was 85 degrees and incredibly humid. The cabinets were tacky until Monday.

I have vision for the kitchen, part of it entails opening up a wall where there used to be an arched door way, moving the kitchen into the old mud room that was previously opened to the kitchen. The other part is two different colors of cabinets. I want to keep all of the upper cabinets white, and strip and stain all of the lower cabinets a dark mahogany. I’ve seen this in magazines and I think it looks really good. It will fit the style of the home without making the small kitchen look to dark. I think all stained cabinets would be overwhelming.

I’ve already replaced the hardware with black straight handles. The new handles really play off of the black steel windows.

I painted the hinges black to match the handles.

I have a few pieces of cove trim to put back up and some more touch up painting to do. Next step is to open the wall and move the cabinets. Once they are moved I will strip off the old paint on the base cabinets.

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