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Basement Update: Something’s Percolating….

April 13, 2011
Check out my previous basement posts for a complete description of the planned work:

After weeks of unseasonably cold weather and frozen soil, Perimeter was able to come out to do the soil percolation test. This test helps determine the rate at which the soil absorbs water. It allows Perimeter to determine whether or not our soil has the capacity to absorb enough water for the underground storm water  drain pit to be placed there without turning the yard into a soupy mess.  <—-Wow, that was a run-on sentence. Ms. Ajvon, my 7th grade English teacher, would be displeased.

Percolation test:
The percolation test is designed to determine the suitability of a site for a subsurface private water disposal system . More specifically, a percolation test measures the ability of the soil to absorb liquid.

The truck showed up last week. They used an auger to drill a really deep hole in the ground. They inserted a PVC pipe to stop the hole from filling up with dirt and covered it with a red safety cone….what did they think, someone was going to fall in? 
They come every now and again to fill the pipe with water and measure how much of the water was absorbed over time. This will go on for several weeks until they call me up and let me know the results.

The good news? – this is all free.

The bad news? – we can’t move forward with B-Dry and waterproofing the basement until this is all done. B-Dry will need to tap into the new storm drain and sump pump Perimeter puts in.

So, until then the basement leaks when it rains….which it has been doing quite a bit in the last few weeks.

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