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Spring is here!

March 17, 2011

I planted about 50 tulips, 20 crocus’, 50 daffodils, 10 Iris’, and an assorted amount of other bulbs last fall.  The hardest part about fall planting is waiting 4-5 months to see the fruits of your labor. I was starting to wonder what was going on because I didn’t see anything poking through the mulch.  Finally today I took a closer look and I could see the beginning of the daffodils pushing though. Today was beautiful, warm and sunny with a slight breeze….I’m so glad Spring is here!

The damned squirrels dug up every single Iris bulb, and took one bite out of each. It’s like they do that on purpose. Why can’t they eat one entire bulb and leave the others alone instead of sampling each one!!!  They are my favorite flower too…..It was impossible to prevent them from getting to them though. Iris’ are planted right at the soil surface with the very top of the bulb exposed – very easy picking for a menacing squirrel AKA  rat with a furry tail.

Good new is, Iris’ are one of the only Spring blooming bulbs that can also be planted in the Spring. Because they sit so close to the ground surface they are much more tolerant to frost and can handle the March and April weather without having to be planted a year before. I will try to get out to the nursery this weekend.


This is a great place in Ann Arbor that provides heirloom plants and bulbs: Old House Gardens

Update: 17MAR2011

I spoke to the super-friendly staff at Old House Gardens today. I’ve ordered several new Iris bulbs that will be ready for pick-up in April. They had a great suggestion for keeping the squirrels away from my plants – Bitter Spray.  Bulbs can be dipped in the bitter solution before they are planted or they can be sprayed once a week until the leaves start to appear. The squirrels really dislike the smell and the flavor of the bitter spray and will leave the plants alone.  Once the bulbs come I will let you know how this goes.

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  1. March 18, 2011 3:06 PM

    Also blood meal is supposed to keep them away … but may attract your dogs.


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