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Basement Waterproofing – Planning Stages

March 14, 2011

The bad news is, there is no storm sewer on our street. As a result, Perimeter can not connect the storm drain in our basement into the city’s storm sewer for processing.
The good news is, they can still divert the storm water and get rid of the man hole in the floor. The water will be diverted into a trench filled with gravel buried under the ground in our yard. Sometime this Spring they will come out and test for the best area to dig the trench based on the grounds ability to absorb water. Then they will dig the 8 ft x 3ft trench somewhere in our yard in addition to the cement work and drain installation they will be doing in the basement.  I stole this picture from the following website, which explains everything in detail and shows basically what they will be doing, but instead of connecting to the storm drain it will go into our yard:

From This:

To This:
The city gives Perimeter ~ $4,000.00 to complete the work and 3 days to get it done once the process starts. Links to my previous blog entries regarding the basement are here:
Basement Blog Entry 2

Basement Blog Entry 1 
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