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FLOOD WARNING: AHHHH! Water in the basement!

March 6, 2011

The local weather station posted a flood warning Friday night into Saturday afternoon. They weren’t kidding. The snow melt from the 10 inches we got from a few weeks ago in addition to the pouring rain that lasted from 8pm Friday night to 2pm the next day, and then 3 inches of snow on top of that last night.

WTF Michigan it’s March. I get the rain, but the snow?

I thought the water problems had been fixed and the basement way dry when we bought the house. There was B-Dry system with a sump pump in one corner of the basement. We were told there was a previous water problem that was solved. The money had already been spent – yeah for us….or so we thought.

So last summer after we moved in we had a huge rainstorm while I was out of town and Geoff called me frantically because one corner of our basement was leaking large amounts of water. He spent the night sopping up water and ringing out towels.

After that, we had the yard graded to make sure that the soil allowed water to run away from the house. We also had a gutter guy come of and add 10ft extenders to all of the down spouts. We learned that the corner of the basement that was leaking was the same corner where the previous owners disconnected the gutter downspout when they put in the deck. What is wrong with you people!?! Did you think that is was there just for fun? That’s like taking something apart and when you reassemble it there are a few extra pieces left over and you just toss them out.

So we remedied that problem and didn’t have any water problems, until last night!!!!!


The leaking corner is now covered in black mold – which I am sure is a health hazard. Geoff is in the midst of looking up ways to remove surface mold from that wall so that we aren’t breathing in the spores.

There is also a manhole sized drain in the basement floor. I keep thinking a guy in a hard hat is going to pop out. There was so much water it was running into the drain. The deluge has stopped since the rain ceased yesterday. But the wall behind the furnace and the corner and still constantly oozing water.

I will be on the phone calling basement people tomorrow. If we need another B-Dry system is going to be 5k at least.

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