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Preparing for Spring Gardening

March 4, 2011
In preparation for this upcoming growing season I picked up some seeds at Home Depot today. I was on a paint run (going to fix the stairwell this weekend) and I was browsing the garden center while the paint was being mixed. I’m a bit of a impulse buyer so when I say the seeds and the seedling kit I had to buy it.
I’ve been wanting to have a vegetable garden for years, ever since we lived at Mirage. Colorado soil and weather is not ideal for vegetables though, and we were renting last Spring when we moved here. So this year I will have my very own home grown organic veggies!
I’m starting with two rows of spinach, 1 of arugula, roma tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet basil.
My mini green house next to the radiator to keep it warm and out of the light. Check back in 7-14 days when we should have sprouts!

03/06/11: Update!

I have arugala sprouts after only 4 days!

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