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Snowmageddon take two! When it snows….I paint

February 28, 2011

Like most Tudor’s ours can appear dark and shadowy. The best light hits the windows during the middle of the day. The original steel casement windows (without molding or trim) allow the light to pour into each room. Unfortunately, during the winter months, by the time most of us are home from work, the Sun’s position has shifted and the house appears at dusk. So, using lighter toned paint colors should help reflect the little light that does filter through the panes.

The budget for household projects has dwindled slowly since December which is the direct result of our obnoxiously high heating bill (partly due to the original casement windows that allow all of that light in) courtesy of DTE.
Since we’re broke, I have been using the paint we have in the house from other projects. 

Living Room:

When Geoff was in Vegas a few weeks ago I thought I would paint the living room. I think the color it was when we moved-in was called “mushroom” so it was not great. I thought I was painting the room a brighter color, but it turned out the color was in the same tone just a different shade…bah! So the room is warm and inviting but very dark. It’s appealing during the winter with flickering candles and a roaring fire, but I think it will remain very heavy through the spring and summer. I will repaint again sometime soon….


Defeated by the the living room walls, I attempted an adjacent wall – the stairwell. I pulled out a paint from the basement that I thought matched the dining room (a very successful color that resulted in a bright space).
But, oh no! I actually used the paint from the kitchen walls….which has a slight green tint, almost minty. half way up the stairs I looked back at what I had done and stopped. Brighter – yes, good – no.

Note – I need to start labeling paint cans.

Geoff is gone again this week, this time in Phoenix. I will attempt a second try on the stairwell. This time I will go to Home Depot instead of the basement…

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