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Lazy Sunday

February 28, 2011

Home Decor Fabric Paradise
Not me, but my experience was very similar

Geoff’s out of town so I took the day to go shopping in Royal Oak. During a recent road trip a friend of mine reminded me that I’ve never been to Haberman Fabrics.  It’s practically a sin for someone like me who has been sewing since since I was 6 and makes all of her own home furnishings. To my defense it’s always been at least a hour away from where I live and there’s always a closer Calico Corner, Hancock Fabrics, or JoAnn Fabrics.

What I have been missing!

That store is amazing…..oh my goodness I wanted a swatch of everything. So many more options of all types of fabric and trim. I think I need to apply for a part time job there so that I don’t go bankrupt spending all of my extra money on fabric. I’m going to have to find new projects to work on just so I can work with some of the incredible textiles they have.


I have two upcoming projects I would like to start ASAP, but I should probably finish all of the painting first.

1.  New silk drapes for the dining room: I have tired of the dark red drapes we used at Mirage and are now using here.

2.  A box-pleat skirted slipcover for an old ottoman we have: An easy project that will brighten-up the family room more and make for more comfortable seating.


I want to know what you think, so please share your thoughts

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