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Past and Current Projects

February 18, 2011

Past Projects….

My very first reupholstery project was on a french side chair that belonged to my parents. It was originally upholstered in blue and white stripes. The fabric was badly damaged by the movers when we moved into my childhood home on Westchester. It remained that way for many years until one summer day, 7 years ago, I decided I was going to change it.
 I have always enjoyed working with my hands. There is such satisfaction and reward in accomplishing something tangible. I spend so many hours toiling over my computer, my fingers dancing across the keyboard. It is truly pleasing to see the result of hours of work and sweat come to life in a physical form instead of an electronic document zipped off into cyberspace. Creating something that others can interact with, see and touch is exciting. Someone’s response to your creation may be different than you intended, the color or pattern may evoke a unexpected response. It’s always gratifying to have the ability to alter an object and give it new life. I can associate it with a group of other objects with fabric, color,stain, or, I can make it an island, standing on it’s own.
So at the time I tackled my first project, I was on a red and gold kick. I blame it on my parents…ha ha. I grew up with opulent and expensive taste. Fabric purchased from Calico Corners in St. Clair Shores. $35/yard (average), gorgeous woven red and gold stripes. The picture doesn’t do it justice since most of the detail isn’t picked up. My father had done some upholstery in the past so I set up with a bag of tool and a few supplies. I was given a quick tutorial on tying springs and a copy of upholstery handbook from 1980-something. I wish I still had the photos I took at each step during the process.
I took my time and did everything correctly. The best way to learn how to assemble something is to take it apart. I did just that.  I used the old fabric as a patter for the new pieces. I was very careful on choosing which part of the fabric would be the main pattern to be shown and how that pattern would move around the piece. I wanted the stripes to continue from the back to the cushion and across every seam. You waste ALOT of fabric doing this (anything with a repeating fabric will have this result) but it’s the only way to do it correctly. Of course I used 8-way tied springs, new decking and webbing. I finished the piece with brass nail head trim.
Unfortunately the piece doesn’t fit in to my new house. No red and gold rooms. I’m sentimentally attached to it though so I will hold on to this one.

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  1. May 6, 2012 10:43 PM

    I love this chair .. fantastic! I’ve recently done my first one and it took aaaaaaaaages. But it was a beauty in the long run! Love your website.

    • May 7, 2012 9:18 AM

      Thanks so much! I mish I had more time for reupholstery projects. I really appreciate your comments about the website, it means a lot 🙂 I hope you stop back by.


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