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Kitchen Ideas and Plans

February 16, 2011

There have already been a few minor changes to the kitchen. I replaced the door handles with rectangular black pulls. The prior white/chrome colored handles were all wrong. Someone was trying to make this a 1920’s farmhouse kitchen, except for the fact that it’s a Tudor! Thanks a lot. The “remodel” you did was sloppy, the drywall is wavy, their are paint drips all over the cabinets. If you weren’t going to replace them you could have at least had them professionally sprayed for a smooth finish. They look like those college kids who get painting jobs for the summer practiced on them before they were hired.
Also, I am not a fan of hardwood floors in a kitchen. Anyone who cooks three times a day and has pets/kids knows this is a terrible idea. Wood doesn’t like to be wet, and kitchens get messy.  The oak floor can’t stand up to Brutus’ nails or the constant mopping. Wood scratches when plates or pans are dropped and once the wood grain begins to open up (from all of the mopping) it can absorb stains and smells – yuck! We will be ripping out the floor the old owners put in for porcelain tile. Porcelain is a great choice because it is a incredibly hard non-porous surface. It’s not slick like ceramic tile, and comes in an almost infinite number or color and texture choices. We will choose something appropriate for the period of the house so the kitchen doesn’t look disjointed. We want something that is also fresh and contemporary, updated and classic.

We added a much need pot-rack. There is very little storage in this space, and by utilizing an unused space, by the garage door, we were really able to free up the lower cabinets. I plan to ad mug hooks under the upper cabinets as well. The real issue is that we need a china cabinet for the dining room. Once all of the stemware and china is out of the kitchen there will be much more room for everything else.
Another out-of-place item added by the past remodel is the wainscoting. I hate bead board! I feel like we live in a B&B, it’s right-on for the time period but so incorrect for the style of the house. I do, however, appreciate some types of wainscoting. I really love the look of stained wood especially walnut and mahogany tones. I think replacing the bead board with recessed paneled wainscoting in a dark mahogany tone would be beautiful.  I want to bring in the dark wood tones because I really prefer wood to be stained instead of painted. I have seen kitchens in ELLE Decor and House Beautiful where the upper cabinets are white and the lower cabinets are stained wood. It is a very elegant look. I think it’s important to keep the upper cabinets white since it is such a small space. It will keep the room from being heavy and dark. Getting rid of the white base cabinets with stained cabinets will help them blend into the wainscotings and get rid of the country kitchen feel.

Now, I stripped and stained all of the kitchen cabinets at Mirage and I have vowed never to do it again. They turned out beautifully and looked like brand new cabinets but I’m sure it took off several years of my life. There was always one more door to do! The fumes are toxic and it eats through the gloves you are wearing. Even the chemical resistant ones made specifically for that type of thing. There is a furniture restoration business here that will dip all of the cabinet doors and draws for a really reasonable price. The So that is definitly the way to go. I can take on the task of stripping the remaining base cabinets since it will be too much work to try and remove them.

Some pictures of kitchen I am inspired by:

I really love the backsplash here

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  1. April 2, 2013 10:18 PM

    This is a piece of advise, take it or leave it- the fridge and the pot holder are out of proportion with the size of the kitchen. Unless you have plans to really open up the space, these two items should go. Just as furniture must match the shape and size of the rooms, so do appliances and accent accessories.


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