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Green Space

February 15, 2011

February 2011:

So here I am! In my long awaited Tudor itching to carefully balance restoration with modernization. I’ve decided to attack this house slowly. We remodeled Mirage in 8 months. It was great to have everything complete. Since it was a newer home the choices were simple…new…new…new. Lorraine is a challenging a patchwork of updates from previous owners and carefully preserved vintage fixtures and details. The process with this home will be slow and exact.

The Yard:
The yard had been let go by the previous owner before we moved in. There was very little grass, mostly weeds and IVY. I have a new found dislike for all ivy! What a tenacious plant. I rip it out and it grows back in a day. I wrench it from the bricks and severe it from the ground and it continues to grow. I have literally cut the plant in half so it has no way to get water or nutrients from the soil and yet it persists. It may be the bane of my existence. It is attempting to swallow our garage. It did swallow the front porch and stone planter. I thought was successful in saving them, but it is slowly creeping back. I beat it back several times a month but it seems to rally in the weeks I am absent.  I will try to eradicate it in the spring before it has a chance to get a good hold.
Now, I am all about planting types and species of plants that are appropriate for the style of our home. English ivy is stylistically appropriate and historically accurate, but it will not have a place in our yard.

We had some serious tree trimming done. It was necessary to allow enough light to reach the backyard in order to grow grass and plants successfully. We took out an ugly crab apple that was growing in the front yard and replaced it with a magnolia.  Garden beds with boxwoods now flank the walk way. Geoff spent two days assaulting the ground with a pick axe and roto-till, ripping through the weeds to create the garden beds along the walk. I helped roto-tilled in new dirt and soil amendments and planted summer and fall annuals from the porch to the street.

Last fall Burns Landscaping came and ripped out our lawn and replaced it with sod and crisp garden borders defined with dark brown mulch. I cannot wait to fill the beds with shrubs and flowers in the spring.

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